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The Lumineers won big at the Grammys among an impressive list of nominees and award hopefuls. With their original sound and catchy “Ho’s and Hey’s”, they continue to climb the charts and gain the adoration of many an alternative music fan. Do you think they’ll go onto great things or will they fizzle?

Today the “YouTube” generation has bread more than a few overnight sensations. With the ability to broadcast yourself to a limitless number of people online with the click of the button, more and more hopeful “stars” cling to their ‘upload video button’ more fervently than ever. 

As a result, does this generation retain a false sense of celebrity? Or… is it real? Everyone is just waiting to be discovered and it’s never been so easy to be seen. Thoughts? Check out this video as an example:

In every corner of the world - music not only unites, it brings a soul to wherever it’s found. Joy, sadness, celebration, or an everyday bit of background, music holds up the tones, feelings, and special nuances of our lives. 

A song like this, for example, can take you to a different place - what music lifts you into the present, with only the focus of music to enjoy? Video:

And now for another controversial topic. The Apple factory in China - Foxconn has drawn much criticism for the way it treats workers and the low pay they receive  among other issues. Some believe it is companies like Apple that continue the unethical cycle of poor working conditions for migrant workers who have no other choice but to take whatever they can get.

On the other hand, some believe that this is a necessary evil, and that if you asked the Chinese workers, they would say they are thankful and lucky to find steady work. Do you think Foxconn is setting a bad example, or do you believe they are just part of the system and a blessing for factory workers?

An ad like this, which happens to come out of Korea, exemplifies perfectly the western belief that “sex sells”. While this ad has nothing whatsoever to do with the drink it is selling, it organized three different “versions” for the audience to rate. What are your thoughts on such blatant marketing in the Eastern sphere?

The recent shooting at Sandy Hood Elementary in a quaint Connecticut town shocked the nation as well as the world. This mass murder of innocent children and adults came with no reason or explanation - just violence behind the barrel of a gun. 

While all can agree that this shooting was beyond horryfying, most cannot come to a consensus on what, if anything should be done about it. 

Citizens of other countries around the world balk at the idea that we still have not criminalized personal gun use, while many American claim that is one of their most important freedoms and rights.

In this video featuring numerous A-list stars, the “Demand a Plan” campaign is launched and explained. Here, they demand a plan to end gun violence.

What are your thoughts on what’s America’s next step should be regarding gun control?

Why yes, this is the man most commonly known as the “Ice Dude”. While many stunts capture the hearts and imaginations of many a video watcher, this video goes that extra mile in providing a stunt so painful looking and unplanned, that one has to wonder if this doesn’t happen more often in cold locations throughout the world. It’s got all the elements of a good ‘caught on camera’ clip…

What may be funnier still is the camera man’s reaction to his friend’s bout with incredibly bad luck and bad judgement. When combined, both luck and judgement can end in a little something like this…….. enjoy.

While it may be hard to separate Sarah Jessica Parker from her role in SATC, it seems we must move on, just as she has done. Nothing makes this more apparent than with her recent role with Glee, where she sings and sashays her way through musical number that her former “Carrie” would have scoffed at. It’s an interesting watch to say the least… do you think she pulls it off?

If you hadn’t yet figured it out yet, Taylor Swift has gone beyond a young sensation who’s time passes as quickly as it comes. She just sold a record number of copies of her new album RED, only surpassed by N’SYNC when they made it big - like really big.

Now, you see, Ms. Swift is growing up, and it’s as if we have a front row seat to her transformation, Innocent yet coming of age, she croons and delivers sweeping ballads as well as upbeat dance mixes that virtually please everyone. Is nothing Taylor Swift can’t do?

Check out this latest video to se exactly how whimsical this young talent can get.

If you haven’t heard of Blogilates yet, you are certainly missing out. Named the Best Healthy Living Blogger by Self Magazine, Cassey Ho’s exercises come packed with a punch. She’s upbeat, knowledgable, and inspires you to get in shape, one fun workout at a time. 

The workouts are targeted and totally manageable and challenging, whether you are just beginning or a pilates pro. Check out this Pilates Bootcamp video straight from her Blogilates series and you’ll see why we love it! This one’s for sleek and sexy arms.